"Octagon has done a great job, and I've been really pleased. It's nice to see a group that runs their business so well."
K.L., 4 Ayr Rd, Resident for 2 years
"I lived quite comfortably in an Octagon-managed apartment for 5 years. I was constantly impressed by how well the building was taken care of. In addition to regular cleanings and inspections, the maintenance team was quick to respond to requests and even made several upgrades to the apartment during my stay there! Rent from them with confidence."
E.F., Sutherland Rd, Resident for 5 years
"I have loved living in my apartment for the last three years. Octagon is the best management company by far, and I can say this with certainty as I have lived in several apartments before. I would recommend Octagon apartments to anyone! Octagon has been great."
M.N, Ayr Rd Resident, Resident for 3 years
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