Parking in Cleveland Circle

Private Octagon Property Management Parking

Limited private parking is available at the Octagon Properties managed lots located at 3 Sutherland Rd, 18 Orkney Rd, 85 Sutherland Rd and 95 Sutherland Rd. Monthly parking spaces are available for an additional charge on a first-come first-serve basis. For information regarding availability and rates, contact the Management Office at 617-236-5687.

City of Boston Residential Parking Permit

Many of residential and side streets in Boston are designated as “Resident Parking Only". A residential permit is required for on-street parking in the Cleveland Circle neighborhood. Resident parking permits are distributed by the City of Boston Parking Clerk office located at city hall.

To obtain a parking permit, you have the option to apply in person at the Parking Clerk office, or through the City of Boston website. For the application and detailed instructions on how apply for a permit, click here.

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