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*Is your maintenance issue an Emergency?

A 24-hour emergency maintenance line operates outside regular business hours. You should only use this service for emergency situations. Some examples of an emergency are: broken or damaged lock on apartment door or windows, a leak causing damage to your apartment or a neighboring apartment, issues concerning smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, no heat, or no hot water.

If you smell gas in your apartment, call your gas utility provider immediately.

Octagon Properties maintenance staff operates from during normal business hours from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.
*Have you or anyone in your unit had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days? A. Fever greater than 100 B. Difficulty breathing C. Cough:

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Location Of Problem:

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*Detailed Description of problem (Provide as much detail as possible):

Please remove any obstacles around the area that the maintenance needs to be performed (e.g. if you are able to, remove furniture that is obstructing access, or items from windowsill if window access is necessary)
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Timeframe for Maintenance Requests

OPM personnel will assess your maintenance request and determine whether it is considered a Priority or Routine Maintenance Request. Repairs requiring immediate attention, but do not constitute an emergency, are considered Priority Maintenance Requests. Non-threat posing repairs (e.g. broken blinds, closet doors off track) are considered Routine Maintenance Requests.

You can anticipate your request to be addressed within the following timeframes based on the priority level:
  • Emergency Requests: 3 hours
  • Priority Repairs: Next Business Day
  • Routine Repair: Three Business Days
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