Local Transit & Parking - 50, 52 & 54 Kent St.
Brookline Village is centrally located and has multiple convenient transportation options, from the local subway system to bike and car rental options.

The Brookline Village MBTA Station offers direct access to the Green Line and local buses. All of these services are provided by the MBTA, known locally as “The T." Information regarding rates and schedules can be found on their website: www.mbta.com.

Hubway Boston is Boston's bicycle sharing program. Several Hubway stations are located in and around the Brookline Village area. Visit www.thehubway.com for up-to-date station listings and membership information.

Zip Car, a national short-term car rental membership program, has cars available for use in the Brookline Village neighborhood. Visit www.zipcar.com for membership information and specific locations.

Boston's Logan Airport is New England's largest airport. Hundreds of international and domestic flights leave from Logan Airport daily. The airport is easily accessible by MBTA, having stops on the Blue and Sliver lines, or by taxi.

Private Parking – Octagon Property Management
Octagon Properties manages a private lot adjacent to 50 Kent St. Limited private parking spaces are available for an additional charge on a first-come first-serve basis. For information regarding availability and rates, contact the Management Office at 617-236-5687.

City of Brookline Residential Parking
The city of Brookline has strict on-street parking policies including a citywide overnight parking ban. We recommend visiting their website to review these policies.
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